Monday, June 20, 2011


Today's Music Monday (though a bit late) is a nod to tomorrow being the first day of summer.

But before I get to that, here's a quick update on the state of things here...
I've mentioned before that whenever we have a particularly bad day, DH and I watch and/or listen to "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  It seems to be spot on for this midsummer day, since today was positively rotten.  Nothing went the way it was supposed to.  :(  As a result of today's non-productiveness, as well as the issues it seems to have brought to light, I have even more on my plate than ever before.

Tomorrow begins by taking 10 year old daughter to Children's Health Care of Atlanta to have her broken wrist (happened Friday) seen about.  We're not sure if it can simply be set in a cast (this is what we all hope and pray for) or if (God forbid) she has to have surgery and be put under anesthetic so an orthopedic surgeon (who undoubtedly makes 100x our combined annual salary; I am clearly in the wrong line of business) can set it and then put it in a cast.

I think another " :( " goes here.

God is in control.  Period.  I have to trust Him.  He has blessed us with extended family who is willing to drop everything and help us out however they can.  I know that if we lived far away, like in another state or something, that these trials would be infinitely harder to handle; in fact, we may have sunk a long time ago, if that were the case.

Every single one of the issues that I am facing right now can- and will- be dealt with.  I'm strong, smart, and submissive to the Lord's will.  I am willing to trust Him and see what sorts of amazing things He does!  And what's more, I will praise His name the entire time!!!

So in honor of summer, dear readers, here is Vivaldi's "Summer" movement, from "The Four Seasons" Violin Concerto.  I hope your summer is going well!

PS- I found this beautiful work of art that I had to share.  It's titled "Instant of Summer" by Red-feniks on
Source/Red-feniks' Gallery


  1. You're almost 3/4 of the way to your goal of 10,000!

  2. thanks for sharing your trauma and peace (pretty pic!) hope all are doing well now!

  3. I know, Jamie! So excited! The question is- what on that list do I concentrate on next? LOL

  4. Praying all goes well with the medical issues - so thankful that we have the NHS here. Yes, God IS good! He sees us in the midst of our trials and walks WITH us through life's dark valleys - and the great thing is: He's been through he dark valleys before and knows the way out! All we need to do is keep following Him!

    In the meantime I'm praying for physical relief from any pain your daughter has right now and also that you will be released from an anxiety and worry. Xx

  5. I like the image "instant summer" !

    As a fellow A-Z survivor would you be interested in joining a mini 3 day challenge his weekend ?

    Media Mayhem Blog Hop

  6. I saw the links, but I'm busy this weekend. I'll keep an eye out for future challenges, though! :)