Saturday, November 12, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail: Week 5

As always, I'll start with what arrived!

On Monday, Nov 7th, I got a lovely long penpal letter from Laura over at the Daily Dodo.  I love ALL of the letters I get, but I just can't help it- seeing an address from my beloved England is my absolute favorite! :)  On Thursday, Nov 10th, I really had a good mail day: I won the Vera Bradley purse that sweet Vicki over at 2 Bags Full gave away on her facebook page!  Thank you, Vicki!!!!  I also got my newest issue of Tea Time magazine, a letter from one of my Ohio penpals, and a notecard from the peacock set that Misty of Confessions of a Pen Thief won, so that I got to keep one when all of my own set had been mailed out.  (I sent her one to keep out of my set in with her goody box.) :)

Back of letter from Ohio
The week didn't end there!  Today, after I'd gotten home from shooting a wedding for 7 beautiful hours (Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Raffety!  I love y'all!)  I got 6 wonderful pieces of mail!  3 catalogs/fliers to some of my favorite stores (Things Remembered, Family Christian Stores and Jo-Ann Fabrics), and 3 letters.  One is another letter from the Ohio Penpal who wrote the one pictured above, one is a wonderful avian themed letter from fellow blogger Katie over at The Marlowe Bookshelf and one is a gorgeous mail art from none other than Pamela Gerard, whose blog, Cappuccino and Art Journal, I found on the 52 Weeks of Mail page.

But wait- what's that, also in the photo?  It looks like an airmail envelope, doubling as a zippered pouch!  Could there be a giveaway coming up soon?! ;)

LOVE the owl! 
Gorgeous goodies from Pamela!
One sad thing did come in the mailbox: an introductory penpal letter that I'd sent a few months ago, that was unable to be delivered. :(

*sniffle* :(
Now on to outgoing!

On Monday, I sent out a bill and a letter to my Ohio penpal. (no, the bill did not go TO the Ohio penpal. Only the letter. lol)

And on Saturday:

Thanksgiving card to friend in TX, letter to Laura of Daily Dodo (link above), introductory letter to penpal in Japan, postcard to Bev Sykes of The Penpal Project and a postcard to Kate Kane of Birdcage Cards, whom I "met" on the 52 Weeks of Mail facebook page.  A modest offering, but I had been getting ready to work a wedding, get hired at another job for Christmas, tend to 4 kids, etc.  (I know, I know.  No excuses! lol)  If you sent me mail and haven't gotten a reply yet, just be patient- I always write back!

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