Monday, November 7, 2011


Cute Gremlin #2 is learning about Roman Numerals in school.  I was never very good at math when I was in school.  I fought to pass Algebra II (hey look, a Roman Numeral!) in high school with a 76 or something, and I was proud of that C, because it was hard.  You ask me to play a clarinet concerto, fine.  Write a 10 page paper on any part of British Literature?  Sure.  Give a US History presentation with visuals and references? No problem.  But Algebra, Geometry and beyond?  Not so much.

So I'm very proud of my Cute Gremlin for having an aptitude for something that I never mastered.  She's a math whiz.  Her reading fluency and comprehension irk me sometimes, but this is when I am reminded that she is not me.  (Heck, she doesn't even have my genes.)  We help each other learn.  She loves math, and I love that she does. :)

Here are two great songs about math.  One is "New Math" by Tom Lehrer, and the other is a great song (that contains Roman Numerals!) called "18 Wheels on a Big Rig" by Haywood Banks that we heard on the Bob and Tom radio show a long time ago.  Also, here is an Abbott and Costello clip about math that we love.


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