Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sniffle, Hack, Ah-CHOO!

Eldest Cute Gremlins do not believe me when I tell them that running around at night, in 40 degree weather, barefoot and with no coat on will make them ill.  They insisted on doing this at the Fall Festival on Monday.  As a result, all three of us now have dazzling examples of the common cold, each with our own variations.  Gremlin #1 sported the sore throat variety, while Gremlin #2 is sobbing that she has an earache (this is a perpetual issue with Gremlin #2).  As for myself, I picked up the Raging Sinus Infection accompanied by a splitting headache.

No sewing got done.  No fairies got crafted.  No photos were edited.  No letters were written.  No Avon books went out.  No library books were returned or checked out.  No real food was cooked.  (I just threw 2 cans of ravioli in a pot, heated it and called it dinner.)

I used plenty of these:
And took some of this:
And now I'm going back to this:
Better blog tomorrow.  Love you all.  'Night.


  1. I'm sorry to hear your household is under the weather.
    Ours has it too...not from running around barefoot, but losing power for two days when there is snow on the ground.....brrrrrrr!
    We use natural remedies...I listed some of them on my blog.
    Glycothymaline pack for sore throat or stuffed noses and cough.(U can use alkathyme too..both available on the net.)
    Smelly garlic oil for earaches. Just squeeze one softgel into the ear that hurts. (unless they have tubes in their ears..then use ear drops from the doc's office) We use the Solgar brand..nice and smelly. LOL
    Whatever you use to get better, I hope you all are feeling fit as fiddles and the kiddos invest in some socks and jackets. LOL ;)

  2. If your noses get sore...there is a new brand of tissues called Cold Touch tissues which are amazing!! They stay cool...which helps keep noses from getting all red and irritated. They are also a bit thicker which I appreciate. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  3. Thank you both for the get well wishes! I'm doing some better, though I'm still behind in my work. Sent your parcel off today, Misty!!!

  4. Hope you get to feeling better! Perhaps you are all better by now.