Friday, November 4, 2011

Frank goes to the Fall Festival

Mostly just pictures in this post, as they tell the story best.  Enjoy.

Ephesus Baptist Church Fall Festival: Monday, Oct 31, 2011

Cute Gremlin #1 goes as some other teenager named "Bob",  Cute Gremlin #2
is a vampiress of sorts, Cute Gremlin #3 is Batman's Sidekick, Robin,
and Cute Gremlin #4 is a mermaid.  Frank got dressed a bit later. 

Frank helps us pick a pumpkin

Frank goes as a mummy

Hanging out with Cute Gremlin #3 Boy Wonder as he eats his hotdog

Cute Gremlin #3 takes Frank on the cake walk.  They didn't win this
time, but Cute Gremlin #2 did it as well, and won some brownies.


  1. I love fall festivals. Do you guys attend Ephesus?

  2. Yes. We've been going regularly since July and have been members for a few months. I LOVE it there.