Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Still Alive

I did not die.

I have been SUPER BUSY this last week and there hasn't been time to do the posts that I wanted to do the way that I wanted to do them.  So here is a big ole "HI!!!" from over here, and I will do my best to start catching you up on all the latest goings on in a post (or 2) tomorrow.  

Love to all,



  1. I was really worried that the sinus infection might have gotten the better of you!! Glad to know things are still kicking along.

  2. Thank you for adding me to your side bar! It's super kind! x

  3. Hello Jenny!!!

    This is Ana, from Spain. I have your letter in my hands, I received it last week. My letter for you is in its way to your mailbox. :)

  4. @Belletapir- You are most welcome! I love your blog and am completely jealous of the coffee shop at which you get to write your letters! :)

    @Ana- Hi, Ana!!! Glad you got it! Looking for yours this week! I LOVE mail! :D

  5. @ Chris- Thanks, dearest! I'll be all caught up on blogging very soon. :) Love to you and Cort!