Tuesday, April 2, 2013


When life has practiced its pitching arm and starts slinging things at you, one after the other (not all bad!  A lot of it good!), and when a whole community of wonderful people are sending you lovely letters to fill up the mailbox... this happens! :)

I've had a rotten cold the last 2 days because of the pollen, so that has also kept me from attacking the backlog stack with alacrity.  But never fear!  I'll get caught up hopefully by the end of the week! :)
How do you handle your letters when you get behind?


  1. I really must pen you a note and add to your backlog! ;-p
    Mind you, the price of postage here in the UK is just a joke, no wonder we use email so much!

    1. But you have such beautiful stamps, Sue! Austen and Dickens and Dr. Who!!!!! I've received one of the Austen's- the Emma one, and it's just gorgeous!

  2. Wow Jenny - that's some backlog :)
    I'm rubbish, I just feel all guilty and it kind of makes it worse! Hope you feel better soon

  3. Just visiting my A-Z neighbors. Was attracted by your blog title - love it! I try to clear the slate every day, otherwise I doubt I'd ever catch up. Condolences on that cold - I hope your overcome it soon.

  4. Very cool...I didn't realize people still wrote actual "letters". That's a backlog that's not so bad, in my view :)