Thursday, April 4, 2013

Delightful Desk Accessories

Letter writing stuff I would buy if I won the lottery.  This stuff is just made of awesome.

A desk I'd want, once I have my own house again:

Go HERE to see more images, including the inside!
Decadent Stationery:

Hand engraved peacock feather cards from Crane Stationers.
 I think I even featured them (or something very like them)
before on TMP, but they are so lovely, they deserve repeating!

Reproduction RMS Titanic stationery and matching envelopes!
You can get them here.
Pretty much the entire Josephine Wall collection from Leanin' Tree Stationers.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

I also found this fabulous Peacock Desk Set:

(Available at Sears and Michael's)
Confession: This post was kind of hard to come up with.  Totally phoning it in.  But tomorrow's is easy: all about Envelopes! :)


  1. The art of letter-writing seems to be diminishing in this electronic age - and yet I do love to get a handwritten newsy letter from someone, more so when the paper and envelopes are so pretty.

    Alas, cost and convenience seem to be the mitigating factors these days. I don't know what US postage rates are like but here in the UK they are just a joke - 60p for a simple letter by next-day (ha!) delivery! Given that, the letters from friends who bother to put pen to paper and use snail-mail are the more to be treasured! :-)

    1. It's not too terrible, but it keeps going up more and with increasing frequency. It's $0.46 for domestic and $1.10 international for up to 3 oz.

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  3. Looks lke an "escritoire" is in your future!

    1. What's funny is that I did actually have a little writing desk last year, but I discovered that in our current living situation, 1) It didn't match the rest of my room, so I kind of resented it as just another thing on my to-do list (repainting/finishing it, which involved hauling it down 2 flights of stairs, etc) and 2) I am the most comfortable writing letters when I'm curled up in my bed with a lapdesk. I ended up tossing the writing desk on Craigslist and I haven't missed it since! :)

  4. I want Titanic stationary!! I don't know what I'll do with it, but it needs to be in my possession.

  5. Those are the exact same peacock feathers that we had on our wedding invitations!
    Shout out to Designs in Paper.

  6. I so love Crane stationery, I scored some notecards recently as a thrift shop find!

    AtoZ Mighty Minion giving you a visit.

    1. Some of my most hoarded of the stationery... er... hoard... is Crane! Parchment with deckled edges! I hadn't thought to look in thrift shops! [evil laugh and rubbing of hands together as I plot the possibilities!]