Friday, April 5, 2013

Envelopes (Part 2)

Oh, hai!
Glad you are back for part 2!
So here are 2 ways you can make your own envelopes:
Method 1:
This is stupid easy.
Yon sheet of 8.5x11 paper
Fold the bottom up, so that about an inch or so is left at the top

Tape the sides and fold over the remaining inch.  TA DAA!
Method 2:
A bit more involved, but completely worth it.
Start with a large template.  I chose my favorite envelope size
and unfolded it, then traced it to make this pattern.
Reduce the pattern by whatever percentage you like by
using a copier.  I am using the 50% reduction.  The finished
envelope will measure 3" long x 2" high.
Trace the template onto your envelope paper.
Make sure you trace the fold lines from corner to corner.
Cut out along the outer tracing line.
Fold inward along the guidelines. Run a line of glue along the
bottom most edge.  It will be the one with the squared off point.
All done!
Here is the front.  This size will hold one ounce of loose leaf tea.
Here are two made from wrapping paper scraps.  The full size
one is the 50% size, and the smaller one is made from a 30%
I used the full size template for this one.  Here is the outside...
And a rather surprising inside! ;)
I hope that helps to inspire you!  I'm off to get ready for the Cute Gremlin's spring break. :)
I would love to see what sorts of envelopes you make, readers!


  1. Stupid easy and FABULOUS! Thanks, Jenny - I will try harder next time around! :-) Happy Spring Break - Tanya

    1. I got your "plain" letter yesterday and LOVE IT! :) A reply will be on its way soon! :)

  2. love, love the envies...especially the peacock feathers! I made my own envie to send my LYA postcards in...they matched the postcards.

    Can't wait till they come...

    1. Wait til you see the GORGEOUS peacock envie headed your way soon! ;)