Friday, April 12, 2013

Keeping It All Organized

Some of you have asked how I keep my past correspondence.  Well, I'll be honest with you, there is a LOT of it!!! Which is awesome!  But ... challenging... sometimes! :)
I keep a photocopy of my outgoing letters, because then it creates a complete conversation and I don't have to try to remember whether I told so-and-so such-and-such and repeat old stories or bore them to death.  I just skim the last 2 or 3 letters and continue the thread. :)  Who says people with poor memories can't find a system that works! It took a few trials and errors, but eventually I found one that I like.

I took advantage of a fantastic back-to-school sale at Office Depot last fall and got a mess of these:
Wilson Jones 3 ring binder in Bright Pink
And some of these:
And now I have this:
The tabs are removable, so when I have to change the letters,
it's really easy.  If things keep up like they have been, I'll end
up with a binder for each letter by the end of the summer!!!

I put the pen pal's name, and a general description
of their location.  Obviously for the USA, city and
then state.  For international it's a bit different,
but you get the idea.  The tabs change easily if I
have to update them due to people moving. :)
Of course, "organized" is a relative term, since I have this
pile and another one (not pictured) of replied letters to
file.  At least I can say I do have everything more or less
in one general location amongst my belongings! :)
How do you keep your letters, my readers?  Boxes?  Binders like mine?


  1. That is a great idea. My letter organization may come to that someday, but right now I have them in a pretty fabric covered box, banded together with rubber bands.

  2. That's pretty organised by anyone's standard. I have trouble keeping my regular boring mail in order. Tabs and ring binders - here I come!!

  3. Writing letters can involve buying office supplies?? This may have just solidified my decision to join LWA...