Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Some of my absolute favorite inks (and ink pens) to write letters with.....

Excellent for historic character letters.

I don't own this inkwell yet, but I want one.

Good for writing and drawing.

The "Blue" is the one I use the most.  Hobby Lobby has
them for sale individually.  I like the "Teal" too. 

As with the one above, I don't actually own this
peacock glass inkwell.  But I want it. :)
Perhaps not "accurate" for historic character correspondence.
But sooo pretty. :)

Again, less practical- but so fun!!
Swirl click ball-point pens by The Write Dudes

Gelly Roll Stardust pens by Sakura

For dark papers.  I like to use this on a dark blue shimmer finished
cardstock that has been cut to the size of my card, when I need a
couple more "pages" for my letter.  I'm long winded. :)
Pretty and smooth gel ink in very bright colors.
Same as above, but slightly different feel.
I usually keep the pink one and give the
purple one to a friend.
What inks and pens are your favorites to write letters with, my Loves?


  1. Lately, I find myself reaching for the Pilot Hi-Tec C Maica pens more often than not. I love my lovely green Lamy Safari, too, but I just found out about Pilot Acroball pens with a hybrid ink of gel and ballpoint ink, and I want to try them. I have the Uni-ball 207s in pretty colors, but I forget to use them! The Acroball pens are available at Target, I've heard. I think a trip to Target is in my near future.

    I do want to try an italic nib and eventually a flex nib, fountains pen someday, too. No such thing as too many pens, right?

    1. Indeed there is not! One of my pen friends had a blog called "Confessions of a Pen Thief". LOL! I have a drawer full, but they are all different and used for different things.

      One thing I didn't list here is that 3 of my favorite pens to use don't even have a name. They came from the dollar store!!! :D
      I don't dare get into fountain pens. I'll stick with dips, quills and store-bought-out-of-a-package, etc. ;)