Friday, April 5, 2013

Envelopes (Part 1)

It's my opinion that a letter's contents ought to arrive in style.  It's awesome to get a personal letter in among the usual fare that arrives in the daily mail.  Who among us doesn't mentally go "Bill.Junk.Junk.Bill.Junk.A LETTER!Bill.Junk." as we flip through the contents?  (Just me? No?  I didn't think so.)  But a plain envelope, however distinctive against the business filler surrounding it, just doesn't cut it for me when I'm sending out to a pen friend.  No.  I want them to notice it immediately.

Until recently, I haven't had a lot of spare time to invest in making my own envelope/mail art.  And usually when I do, the size is "off", so that means a tiny hike in postage... which I'm having to monitor a bit closely for the time being, whilst I get my financials in order and more secure.  But I'm slowly getting around to using those paper scraps in the studio for some amazing new envies. :)

I've decided to divide today into two posts because I wanted to show you some of the past pieces I have made and sent, but I also want to do a photo filled tutorial on how to make your own.  So here we go with the:

Stuff I've Made:
A simple tri-fold made from a calendar page,
but one of my favorites!
Scrapbook paper and stickers.  That's all it takes. 

All 23 envies for my first LetterMo last year.
 Made from calendar pages.
I love ships and the sea, so this is obviously a fav. :)
Kendall has gotten some of my best envie art.
She's an Alice fan, so I took a mini pack of
cards I had, and some cut outs of Disney's
madness and created this.
Alice envie back
As I said, some of the best ones have gone to Kendall.  She's a
massive Harry Potter fan, so I got some HP scrapbook paper (that's
a Gryffindor crest on the front there), made my own owl "postage"
and even ran it through the printer for a faux "owl post" postmark
stamp.  The back had all kinds of Quidditch stickers and art, and
the actual missive was written with quill and ink on parchment.
The Alice and HP letters were a couple of months apart, I think.
The envies behind the HP were made using calendar pages.

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  1. These are beautiful, and now I'm feeling a bit guilty because I mailed you a plain envelope last week! :-( I will try harder next time, I promise...have a fabulously creative week, Jenny! XOXO Tanya