Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Discovering Destin

Today's A-Z challenge, D, is brought to you from Destin, Fl!

I'm going out in a few minutes to explore and take some photos, so I will update this post tonight before midnight.  Check back later and I'll have some good stuff posted for your A-Z Challenge enjoyment. :)

Edit: From Noon til about 3 pm, this is what I was looking at while I updated my journal and did my Bible devotional:

Two gulls that appeared to be in some sort of shore bird argument. "I'm not talking to you." "I'm not talking to you, either."

Definitely NOT the best photo of me, but I posted it anyway.  Feel loved.  It was windy and only about 60, so I had a sweater on and my pretty, floppy hat was doing funky things in the wind.

Marilyn's home and after I help her grade some student assignments, we'll go out and get into more mischief together; maybe visit a couple stores.  Then we'll order pizza for supper and I'll kick her rear at Mini Golf on the Wii! :)

Final Update/Edit:
We didn't go out after all, except to get the pizza and instead of playing the Wii game we watched the first part of the BBC period drama North and South.  But it's been a fantastic day and I plan on spending the day tomorrow out and about, walking to shops and then going back to the beach when she's home in the afternoon to take some pictures and fly kites!

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  1. It's beautiful! I'm glad that you're having so much fun!