Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For Emily at the Seaside

For breakfast, it was Cheerios,
Then sunblock slathered on your nose,
Wear a swimsuit under your clothes,
Feel the sea breeze as it gently blows,
Hot summer sun upon you glows,
Walk the path as it winding goes,
Until the sand is between your toes.

Sit upon the sandy shore,
Dig holes, build castles and forts galore,
Find a shell or five or more,
Shells to collect, share and adore,
Watch the seagulls swoop and soar,
Higher and farther than before,
Listen to the ocean crash and roar.

Splash in the waves and end up wet,
As salty and sandy as you can get,
Play with your pail and shovel set,
With new friends whom you've just met,
Plead that it isn't time to go just yet,
You'll sleep deep and sound, I bet
Tonight after the sun has set.

Finally it's time to bid goodbye,
To gulls and shells and sea and sky,
All more loved by you than cherry pie,
Heave a quiet, wistful sigh,
As back home we now must fly,
In your own bed once again to lie,
Dreaming of the ocean's lullaby.


  1. That is so Beautiful! Did you write it?

  2. that was such a sweet poem!
    great job!
    we just had the same experience =)

  3. Nikki- yep! over the course of a half hour this afternoon as I was trying to catch up on my backlogged posts! lol Some verses got changed because it's harder to rhyme 7 lines than you'd think! ;)