Friday, July 1, 2011

Frank's Further Adventures in St. Simons

August 7, 2009
Mine and Jake's 5th wedding anniversary.  We went down to St. Simons again, this time taking Frank and our good friends Charles and Marilyn.

Frank at the SSI Historic Lighthouse

While we were there we ate at 4th of May Cafe.  Be sure to read my past Go Here Thursday post about it here.  Frank enjoyed cuddles from Marilyn and myself while we waited for our food (which was not long.)

While we were there, we saw the 6th Harry Potter movie, which had just come out.

And spent some time at the beach.  I don't have any photos of him under the canopy that day, but I saw these sail boats and I think the next beach trip, I will see if we can rent one and Frank can have a new adventure!

After a long, happy day at the beach, we ate dinner at the Whataburger.

While I was retrieving these photos, I found some from the last Frank Friday that I had missed, so here they are:
July 24-25, 2009

Frank hangs out in the sculpture thingie outside the Glynn Art Gallery

Outside the SSI Lighthouse

In front of the SSI Pier

Playing on the swings at the Pier playground

Frank with one of the SSI Tree Spirits

The whale on the SSI Pier playground thought Frank looked like a good snack.
Don't worry, we rescued him! :)

On our way home, we saw this. :)


  1. Frank has certainly been living a full life !

  2. I aim to give him as many adventures as possible! :) In June of 2013, he comes with me to the UK!