Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!!!

On this Music Monday, I'm celebrating the 235th anniversary of the independence of the USA!

We'll be having hotdogs and roasting marshmallows, then taking the kids to see fireworks!

Here's my favorite Independence Day song.  Enjoy and GOD BLESS AMERICA! :)


  1. Happy 4th! Sorry I'm a day late! We had crazy fireworks yesterday (and for five minutes I pretended they were for me, haha). Hope you had a great long weekend. :)

  2. Hi Jenny , thank you for visiting me .
    I love the surprises blogging brings .
    Oh I do know all of the happiness when my four were living in my house and I was a happy mom taking care of each and every-one .
    Lots of friends from each one playing in our house ..... all the miracles seeing them grow and grow .....
    My oldest is a father since 24-05-2011 so
    I AM A GRANDMOTHER ..... such an amazing experience . He is 31 . My daughter Anna is 29 and working/living in France , Elisabeth is 27 and my youngest Thomas just became 24 in May.
    I also am a teacher kindergarden so there will be children in my life !
    enjoy your family !

  3. Hey, I gave you a blog award! Drop by to collect it! :)