Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peacock's Passion for Pirates and Photography

I may have mentioned a time or two (or twenty) in past posts how much I love photography and how I'm giving it a go as my career choice.  It's not always glamorous or easy.  In fact, sometimes it is downright frustrating and blasted hard work!  But I love it so.

P could be for "Pretty", so here are two images I took last year that I believe are included in the shortlist of being the prettiest in my entire (another P word, wait for it!) portfolio:


You can find more of my favorite shots on my photography website.

One of these days I'm going to get some costumer friends together to dress up as pirates, so I can photograph them.

I love pirates.  I don't condone the looting and pillaging and general thievery and dishonesty that is notoriously linked with them, but with gas prices being on the rise towards $4 and $5 per gallon, it's not hard to imagine that our society may well revert to piracy customs of 200 years ago and swing into gas stations with cutlasses between their teeth...  just sayin'.

My wedding rehearsal was done in a pirate theme.  No lie.  Here are some pics to prove it:

What's a bunch of pirates without the parrot??

Yep... that's us!!!

Some other pirates I love:
The Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.  (#4 comes out in only a few weeks!!!)
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy/franchise.  
Cap'n Jack Sparrow is just too fabulous for anyone's own good. ;)
This series has produced some of the most memorable one-liners that my family uses in our banter with each other.
The music is also amazing.  For more, and audio clips, see my H post on Hans Zimmer here.
Stage Musical Goodness that is The Pirates of Penzance
My dad was involved in a production of this at Shorter  College back in the day. :)

Before Kevin Kline was Bottom the Weaver and Angela Lansbury was a Teapot, they were singing this:

And these guys from VeggieTales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!

I will also be participating in this year's ITLAPD festivities on September 19th.  That's International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

P is also for Painting.  Which is what I will be doing soon, after another P word going on in my room makeover: Purging!  The next 4 weeks I will be pulling everything out of my storage unit in the attic, deciding what to keep and put back in storage, and then what to purge! Getting rid of so much stuff makes me feel so much better.  Less to have to deal with, in general.  :)  The room re-do is coming along, and I'll have more updates in a later post.

But right now, I have another P word to work on: Pleating.  A skirt.  Due very soon.
Enjoy the clips and I'll be back tomorrow with something cute and imaginative for Q. Maybe. :)


  1. Yay! Veggie tales!! :-)

    Did you really get married in pirate outfits, or was it just a rehearsal thing?


  2. No, it was just the rehearsal. I'll be posting some of our wedding pics in a later post. :)

  3. You have a plethora of p doings!
    Can't wait for PotC 4! and I love Kevin Kline, especially in PoP =)
    Happy P day!

  4. What absolute FUN and creativity!! Love the pirate theme!! I am sure everyone who attended will always remember!