Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jumping Right In

This 'J' post will be a quick one!

My day is Jam-packed and I'm jotting this down as I hork down a bite to eat and then I'm back to it again.

Got 5 loads of laundry to fold and put away. - Jumping from the washer to the dryer to the sofa to the dressers!  Hope my jeans get dry the first go round.

Got to finish cleaning up the kids rooms with them and get them more organized. -Jumping around their rooms, putting things away and secretly jettisoning some things they don't use anymore in a box to be gotten rid of!

400 Avon books have to go out by tomorrow. - Just a few weeks til Mother's Day!  (Jewelry makes a great gift, btw.)

A 19th C day dress has to be finished by Friday. - Joining some seams will turn that jumble of fabric into a pretty dress in a jiffy!

Have to return books to the library. -  Just a quick jaunt from there to some of my Avon customers, so I can justify jetting around town.  With gas prices being jacked up like they are, combining trips is just the ticket to keep more of my change jingling in the coin jar!

The jury is still out on whether I can juggle all of this successfully or not, but as long as I do it with joy, I will be just fine.

[PS- I do want to really learn how to juggle someday.  Like for real, circus, multiple objects kind of juggling.  Jeremy got a kit one time for a birthday gift but never opened it.  Maybe I should find that... :)]


  1. Definitely sounds like you got your hands full. I always wanted to learn how to tightrope walk. Dunno why just seemed very cool to me the first time I ever went to the circus.


  2. I do! But I've learned that I'm one of those creative people who do their best work under pressure of a deadline/full plate, etc. I actually hate the circus as a whole! Clowns freak me out! LOL Tightrope walking does look cool though. Feel like I do it (figuratively) all the time! ;)

  3. J-J-J-Just sit down and rest - you Jitterbug!!


  4. I remember those days! It's called Motherhood -- and, when you get really old, like me, you'll still be juggling but it'll be different things, things that you really enjoy!

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  5. I giggled the whole time I read that, mentally picturing your twirling and jumping around to get those things completed.

  6. I'm enjoying your alliteration during this challenge!