Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vegging Out

If you like to talk to tomatoes,
If a squash can make you smile,
If you like to waltz with potatoes,
Up and down the produce aisle....

You should seek professional help, OR you are like me and watch THESE GUYS!

I first met Bob Tomato and Larry Cucumber as a senior in high school.  One of my band friends was wearing a Larry shirt.  This one, as a matter of fact:
When I asked him about it, he sang me the cheeseburger song:

And I was an addict from then on.  Here are 3 more of my favorites. :)

And just for good measure, here is the theme song of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, as previously mentioned in my 'P' post last week:

The band Relient K did a cover of this, and the kids and I rock out to it fairly often. Here are the lyrics as well. :)

You can find even more Veggie fun at the Veggie Tales Website.


  1. Lol the cheeseburger song made my day. ^_^

  2. We used the Veggietales videos at our church youth group - amazing how the teens would clamour for just one more episode!

    I will savour these later - just nipping in quickly to acknowledge your post and offer encouragement to keep going - the A-Z end is in sight!

  3. The first song I ever heard from them was sung to me by my roommate Nicole... 'Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?' She changed hairbrush to my name since it was a running joke that I never left the room. She would enter the room singing it and grinning....Sometimes I miss that, though I know if I call her and ask she'll sing it to me again.

    I was revisited by the singing veggies when I married James and inherited nephews. Then when I temporarily moved in with them searching for a job my oldest nephew discovered that I hadn't seen any of the movies and proceeded to educate me. Now we have begun collecting them for my daughter. The cycle continues...