Friday, April 8, 2011

Gorgeous Georgia

I've enjoyed my vacation in Florida this week, but tomorrow morning early, it will be time to pack it all in and head on home to Georgia.

I love living in Georgia.  (Granted, I have issues with the pine pollen in March, April and May, but other than that I love it!)  I was born in Douglas County, GA 30 years ago this year and while we lived for a time in Virginia (my Dad's schooling), we came back down to live permanently when I was 10 years old.

Georgia has a little bit of everything.  From where I live, west of Atlanta, it's a straight shot north to the mountains, or a (more or less) straight shot south-east to the beach.  There are forests and fields in turns in between.  Georgia is rich in history, from colonial establishment and the war for independence, to civil war and beyond.  I'm a fan of the University of GA Bulldogs and love to cheer them to the Sugar Bowl. As my sis-in-law says, you can't spell 'Sugar' without 'UGA'! :)

Here are a few of my favorite places.  If you've never been to Georgia, come on by and visit!

I took these photos there some time ago.  I'm planning on taking the kids again this summer.

The sea turtles are my favorite!

Where Jake and I hope to have a home one day.  I didn't take my camera last trip- it was just a getaway for us and I didn't want to be distracted taking pictures.  Here are a few from the tourist sites:

We like the shops at the Crossroads Village.  The laser show is cool too.

My Dad's mom lives in a small town in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains in North GA.  In the fall, the color of the trees is amazing.

I went here for the day to celebrate my birthday last year.  Got a couple of really pretty photos:

That's about all I have time for, but there is lots more to see and do in GA.  For more information, visit the official tourism website here.

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