Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whistle While You Work...

Or crank up the iTunes and belt out songs at the top of your lungs.
That's what I'm doing. :)

Working hard today on a ridiculously long to-do list:

Got a Jazzercise class in an hour- yes, another 'W' word: Workout!

After that it's a trip to the fabric store next door for a very special project that I will post more about next week.  God is blessing my life in huge ways right now and I can't wait to share more with you soon!

As soon as I get back from town, I have a photo shoot to edit.

When I need a break from that, I have sewing to do.

I also have to pack up for the reenactment this weekend.

I did (obliquely) promise photos from my own wedding in a previous post a while ago; the day I exchanged my maiden name, Wallace.  (No, I don't know my relation to Scottish hero Sir William Wallace.  1770s and we're in the Rev war, that's as far back as I got.)

Here are a few of the wedding:

Best Friends

I'm very critical of photos of me, but I love this one very much!

Backstage hilarity.  I love my friends... :)

'I do' are the most famous last words.

Rosie being Rosie while she waits for her turn in group pictures.

I can dress my friends up, but I can't take them anywhere. ;)

Mr. & Mrs.

We have wedding anniversary plans (7th of August, 7 years) to visit Colonial Williamsburg, which is another W.

I'm off to work.  Only a few more letters left of the challenge!


  1. Thanks for sharing the wedding photos -- how beautiful it all is, and you're lovely. Unfortunately, if I had to work while whistling, I'd accomplish nothing. Never could whistle without enermous effort and have resorted to humming, instead.

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