Friday, October 21, 2011

Aw, Nuts! :)

A few weeks ago, I was shopping in Kroger and had a craving for walnuts.  I went over to the nut bins in the produce section, and found a 1 lb. bag of "California Grown Shelled Walnuts" at a reasonable price.  When I got them home and munched a few, I found them to be the best walnuts I have ever tasted!

I quickly sat down and wrote a postcard to the address I found on the back of the bag- The Poindexter Nut Company- telling them how much I love the walnuts and that I would definitely continue to purchase those over any others.  After I sent it, I pretty much forgot about it.  I mean, I meant every word, but I didn't think I would get a reply.  They are busy people, after all, and I respect that.

Today I was tending the finches and saw one of these out of the attic window, in our drive:

My Gran regularly gets deliveries of health products, vitamins and the like, and Mom often gets books and things shipped for school.  I hadn't ordered anything online, so I wasn't expecting anything.  I figured it was for one of them and went back to my day.

Jennifer and Charles came in off the bus at 3, and brought me a package!  :D  I love surprise mail!

I opened it to find this:

A very nice letter thanking me for my note, and 2 bags of walnuts!!!  AWESOME!!!  Poindexter Nut Co., YOU ROCK!!! :)  Completely made my week!!!

After I write a thank you letter (which will count as part of the 52 weeks project!  Bonus points!), I am so off to the kitchen to make some cookies with some of these marvelous walnuts!  (If there are any left, since I can't stop nomming them straight out of the bag!)


  1. kindness is worth it!
    yay for you!
    now i need to go get some walnuts!
    have a great wknd =)

  2. Glad you got some goodies! Hope enough walnuts make it into the cookies - mouth watering at the mere thought.......

  3. Good customer service. Nothing like it !