Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Reads

It's been a LONG day already.  I was up at 6 a.m. with the kids, got them to school, finished a project, started another one, went to bible study for 3 hours, had lunch with my Grandmama and visited her til 3 p.m. and have been catching up on random stuff at home for the last hour and a half.  Got to herd the cute gremlins to the car and go to the grocery store in a minute.

For today's Go Here Thursday/Book Review Thursday, I found this website where you can locate your local library and state library systems.  And then you can go there and get this series:

The Binding of the Blade series, by L.B. Graham is a fantasy fiction series very much in the same ballpark as Lord of the Rings.  There are dragons and other mythical creatures, talking Warrior Bears and epic good vs. evil battles.  I'm on book 4, Father of Dragons, and so far, each book has left me wanting to get the next one as quickly as possible to see how everything turns out.

If you do go read this series, come back and tell me what you liked the most about it!


  1. Yipe! As if my to-read list isn't long enough! ;)
    I think the library sign is the happiest street sign ever.

  2. Never heard of L.B. Graham, but I do love a good epic fantasy. Thanks for the recommendation!