Friday, October 28, 2011

On The Other Side

This is pretty much all Frank has been doing the last few weeks...
I do apologize, but I don't have a Frank Friday post for you today.  This week has been utterly mad; the weather has been rainy and gorgeous by turns, but there just hasn't been anything going on in the way of "Adventures" for Frank since the Classic Cars Show.  I do have some things planned for him.  On Monday there is an enormous Fall Festival at the park that our church puts on.  This weekend we'll be baking cakes for the cakewalk, and Frank will be in the kitchen helping us with that.  I'm scheduled to help at the face painting station at the event.  Some 3,000 people come through this thing, so it should be loads of fun.  The kids will take Frank around to the games and jumpy things for some photo ops.

Also coming up is the opening of the new library.  Lucy Jane will be there for all the festivities, and Frank will be along to enjoy the day.  That same weekend my friend Kristen is performing in an opera at KSU, and our longtime friend Joe M. Turner will be doing his annual Magic On Main show at the Dallas Theatre.  So there is a lot happening very soon for Frank to be involved in.

So for today's NaBloWriMo post, I was thinking about all of the mail I've been sending (and getting from) around the world, and after a little search, I found this cool site that answers a question I've always wondered:
"If I went to the exact "other side of the world", where would that be?"  According to this Antipode Map, the other side of the world from Douglasville, GA USA is... in the middle of the Indian ocean.  Hmm.  The closest land point would be somewhere around Perth, Australia.  It's pretty neat; check it out!  You just move the top map around until the pinpoint is where you are, and the bottom map adjusts to show you the other side of the world!

World photo courtesy of NASA

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