Sunday, October 16, 2011

Awesome Sunday

Ok, so I know this post coming after my earlier "moodiest moody post ever" is going to make me look more than a little bi-polar/manic-depressive/insert-other-hyphenated-psychological-term-here.  But I'm not, really.  (Any of those things.)  As I said in a comment, I'm generally cheerful, and I am a bubbly, hilarious and fun personality, even in the midst of life's not so rosy moments.  Sometimes I just have to vent about being wounded.  Then I get over myself and start afresh, finding the beautiful things more beautiful, the sweet things sweeter, etc., etc.

And the funny things... well, most of those were always funny. :)  Like this little gem that has been making its way around my Facebook feed.  (Make sure you watch to the end.) :)

More about the weekend later.  Enjoy.


  1. That was AWESOME!! I've had naps like that ;)

    There's nothing wrong with venting. I think it is necessasary so we can get past what is bugging us and we can move on and back to the happy.

  2. I felt so bad for laughing at him at first! But then I was like, "Nah, he didn't get hurt and I remember my cat doing this same thing EVERY DAY!" LOL I think this is why God made cats with spines optional. ;)

  3. One of my cats is the same way!! The other one can't enjoy sleep that peacefully... because its always sleeping with one eye open, watching for the other cat, who is, like I said sleeping like a babe. One of the joys of being the apex predator in our small indoor ecosystem, I suppose.