Monday, October 10, 2011


Is the suspense connected to this photo getting to you yet?? ;)

Well, she's going to a new home!  Cute Gremlin #2 helped me do the drawing:

Through the magic of digital imagery, we captured the moment
where she shook it so hard the top came off.  Whoops. :)

Picking the winner...

Congratulations, Sarah McCabe of The Aspiring Sub-creator!  
Please email me with your address and I will send you your lovely peacock fairy!

If you didn't win this time, don't fret!  I have another giveaway starting on Saturday (ish), so stay tuned! 


  1. Congrats and thanks for the picks!

  2. .... that was meant to say pics! Also there's an award for you at

  3. Hey, Jenny, It is Ms Louise.. Look over your blogs really great job, enjoyed reading them.
    If you ever get time check mine out.
    hope to hear from you soon

  4. Hi, Louise!! Great to hear from you! I will check them out and follow along. :) I hope to be calling you with good news by the end of this week! :)

  5. Yay! My daughter is going to LOVE it.