Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Gratitudes

Ah, Fall.  Leaves are turning colors, cooler weather has me pulling out the long sleeves, craving apple and pumpkin flavored anything, and it's only 90 days until Christmas.  Wait, WHAT?!  It CAN'T be October yet!!!  But my iCalendar says it is.  Sigh.  This year is in much too much of a hurry.  Well, if September really is over, then here is a list of things that I was grateful for while it was here.  Enjoy. :)

  • 9.30- Getting to end a long, full day with photo-ing a sweet wedding with only 5 people there. It was lovely and I'm glad for the couple! Congratulations, N.W and R.W.!
  • 9.29- Getting massage therapy on my tensed up back muscles
  • 9.28- Meeting friends at the park
  • 9.27- Cooler nights means fuzzy new comforter on my bed! :)
  • 9.26- Pen Pal letter from Norway! This keeps getting cooler and more awesome all the time!
  • 9.25- Husband and I joined the church we've been attending!
  • 9.24- Spending all of a Saturday with the kids with nothing pressing we have to do
  • 9.23- Pen Pal letter reply from England! :)
  • 9.22- Wicked at the Fox was utterly amazing! Entire evening with husband was awesome!
  • 9.21- Singing in the choir to help take my mind off of my personal stuff
  • 9.20- Pen pal letter from Crane Paper Co.! Sweet!
  • 9.19- The freedom to be silly and talk like a pirate all day. (Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!)
  • 9.18- Overnight guests who come along to church with me
  • 9.17- Getting to meet one of my favorite radio DJs at a festival
  • 9.16- Seeing old classmates at my alma mater
  • 9.15- A never ending sense of humor
  • 9.14- The courage and ability to reach out to others and encourage them
  • 9.13- 1st letter from Snail Mail pen pals arrived today!
  • 9.12- Morning run and a good breakfast
  • 9.11- Those who gave their lives to save others at the WTC, NY. Never Forget.
  • 9.10- Chocolates from England in the post! NOM! :D
  • 9.9- Meeting friends at the park with the kids
  • 9.8- Awesome women at new Beth Moore bible study at church
  • 9.7- Cooler weather, finally!
  • 9.6- Eldest daughter turned 11 today!
  • 9.5- Time to myself and putting in job apps
  • 9.4- Church with my whole family
  • 9.3- Husband is home for the weekend!
  • 9.2- My iTunes
  • 9.1- TJ and Kayla Brown


  1. September DID go by too quickly. And not only that, but my visiting time & your posting time didn't seem to jive this month! I've been missing reading your blog. Yay for Blogging Month-- maybe I will see you on my blogroll more often & click through!

  2. I've missed you too, Su! Think of you whenever I go for a run! :) Hope to grace your blogroll more often, as you said. lol Have a great Sunday! :)