Sunday, October 23, 2011

On A Missive Mission

House Mouse Designs
I'm diligently scrawling away on letters at my writing desk for the upcoming 52 Weeks of Mail, Week 3 outgoing post.  Japan will get a couple of letters this week, as will Finland and Malaysia.  Canada will get a solid half dozen.  And there are several snail mail related blogs I've recently connected with, whose authors will receive some mailbox happiness.

I check out Crane and Co.'s products periodically.  They are, after all, the ones semi-responsible for getting me back into this hand-penned postal fun in the first place.  I'm running up quite a wish list!  Here is one that I definitely would LOVE to find wrapped up under the tree on Christmas morning!!!  (Somebody tell Husband for me!)

The description says: "A little exotic and entirely luxurious, this hand engraved note features a shimmering peacock feather rendered in blues, golds, and green. A matching ecruwhite envelope is lined in copper."

Yes, please!!!

They are rather pricey for our modest means, at $29 for a box of 10.  But, oh, aren't they lovely!

Well, it's back to the writing desk for me, my dears.  Enjoy your evening!

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