Tuesday, October 25, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail: Incoming!

This week I got two amazing pieces of mail!  One is from a fellow 52 Week-er on Facebook, from Germany!!!  So cool!  Danke, Svenja!  I'm writing a reply!

The other is a reply letter from my good friend Taylor, in Jasper, GA.  She's been a part of my blog hilarity before, in this post about the "for decorative purposes only" owl(s).  She enclosed with her letter this owl, whose caption reads: "I am used for enjoyment and smiling purposes!".  :)  I'm hanging him up on my crafting room "inspiration wall" so I can see him every day and smile!

He will be clipped up with one of the super-cute, tiny clothes pins! :)
My 52 Weeks, Week 3 Outgoing is still being added to and will go out probably Thursday.  It's convenient to swing by the post office right after Bible study.  I'll be sure and take a pic before it goes out, don't worry.  And just cause of all this fun mail, I picked this up at the library today:

...along with a book on piano/reading music, Broadway Musicals (every show, ever), a new edition of a great basic photography book that I love to refer back to as I learn my trade, and Michael J. Fox's second biography ("Always Looking Up". Read it; it's really good.).

ADD, much?  Yep.  But it makes for interesting letters! And I'm looking forward to another great week of sending and receiving mail! :)

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  1. I got your letter! I got your letter! I am sooooo excited, I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to get a handwritten something through the postbox - will reply asap! Thanks so much (there will be a blogpost in the offing!)
    Have a lovely day
    Laura x