Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letters with Style: A Peacock Giveaway!

Remember how earlier I said I'm really getting into writing letters?  That I'm participating in this:

And am also a member of this:

Well, I thought that if you want to be a part of those things too, or just send out some mail that isn't bills to show someone you care, that you might want to enter to win this:

A gorgeous set of 10 notecards and envelopes, up for grabs!

Comment on this post for your chance to win- the winner will be drawn (with the help of a Cute Gremlin, of course) in 2 weeks on October 29th.  As always, if any of your blogging friends enter and mention your name as a referral, you automatically get another entry.  Good luck!

PS- If you want to be Snail Mail Pen Pals with me, you can email me at to swap addresses.


  1. omg that is gorgeous stationary. I don't write much anymore but I'd get my address book back out and dust it off if I was going to send something that pretty.

  2. that is beautiful stationery. my aunt loves peacocks =)
    you're so sweet w/your give aways!

  3. That's so beautiful! I really miss writing letters, I used to be doing it all the time! Lx

  4. I love the, "eyes," on a peacock feather. When I was little we used to visit a farm that had peacocks on it. The owners would let me collect as many feathers as I wanted. :)
    Good memories.
    It's very beautiful stationary!

  5. Love peacocks. I just got this amazing box at Michaels like this.

  6. I just found your blog and I am happy to see more people sending mail!! Those are precious!

  7. Great stationary. I'm in for the giveaway :) xxx

  8. I realized, there's no link for my name..sorry.
    I'm a Newbie Nimnal.

  9. Just in under the wire, MM! Cute Gremlin #1 was just about to draw! We added you and will post the results after our card name. :)

  10. *GAME, not name! Stupid keyboard! lol